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The Bhakti Community is an online community for spiritual seekers interested in learning more about the timeless practices and wisdom of Bhakti Yoga.

About Us

What Is Bhakti Community?

The word “bhakti” means “love,” or “affection.” And the word “yoga” means to “join,” or “link.” Bhakti yoga is, therefore, the science, the art, and the daily practice of linking ourselves to our spiritual source in love and gratitude. What’s in it for you at the Bhakti Community?

Community of Seekers

Bhakti Community Sydney offers a community of seekers, both online and via in-person events

Musical Mantra Meditation

Kirtan, or musical mantra meditation, is a pillar of the community’s events and gatherings

Spiritual Wisdom Sessions

Insights on the human experience by the study of texts from the Vedic Tradition of Bhakti texts

Bhakti Community Sydney presents

The Festival of Inspiration

Make friends, find spiritual inspiration through talks, meditation, live music and, enjoy a delicious vegetarian meal at this monthly gathering.


Bhakti Community’s Most Popular Choice

Bhakti Sanga Groups

Be a part of a small network and connect weekly with other members of the Bhakti community. Learn systematically about bhakti-yoga in a tight knit group. ‘Sanga’ means association in Sanskrit. Find a Bhakti-Sanga group near you today!

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Bhakti Community
The Sydney Community Is Also Online

Online Bhakti Courses for Beginners

Gita Life

6-Week Course on Zoom | Teacher: Radha Vinod | Classes are once a week, classes commence bi-monthly

Find inspiration from the Bhagavad-Gita and learn to cultivate a lifestyle of bhakti through this introductory program specifically designed for those who are new to bhakti-yoga.

Discover your ‘Self’

6-Week Course on Zoom | Teacher: Ghanashyam | Classes are once a week, classes commence bi-monthly

Dive deep into the knowledge of the self and learn the tools to live a happier life as described in the ancient yoga texts, through this six-week course.

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Bhakti Community Worldwide Online Programs

The Worldwide Bhakti Community effort offers inspiring, high quality online courses to help you recharge and boost your connection in Bhakti Yoga.

Bhakti On!

Every Tuesday 11:30am (AEST) | Zoom and Facebook Live | Teacher: Vaisesika dasa

Explore lessons from the timeless texts of Bhakti Yoga in a live and interactive Zoom session.

Spiritual Fitness

Every Saturday 6:00am (AEST) | Zoom and Facebook Live | Teacher: Vaisesika dasa

Apply the wisdom of bhakti-yoga to your everyday work life along with other participants from several companies around the world.

Bhakti Circle

Every Friday 11:30am (AEST) | Zoom and Facebook Live | Teacher: Vaisesika dasa

Immerse yourself in weekly interactive meetups with like minded people.

Resource Library

Unlimited access to all our past courses

Gain unlimited access to past courses through our private Facebook group.

Let’s keep in touch

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