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The Bhakti Community, is an online community for spiritual seekers who are interested in learning more about the timeless practices and wisdom of Bhakti Yoga – the yoga of love and gratitude.

The word “bhakti” means “love,” or “affection.” And the word “yoga” means to “join,” or “link.” Bhakti yoga is, therefore, the science, the art, and the daily practice of linking ourselves to our spiritual source in love and gratitude.

In this unique online community, you will have access to a storehouse of spiritual knowledge and wisdom practices as well as connection with fellow seekers from all over the world!

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Bhakti Community Overview

Benefits of Joining:

What do I get when I sign up?

The Bhakti Community provides you with a series of essential tools and the association you need to learn the basic practices and philosophy of Bhakti.

Get started today, and when you sign-up you’ll immediately receive:

Fitness Challenge

Bhakti On!

Sadhana On!

Take the 21-Day Spiritual Fitness Challenge to learn simple, time-tested methods of spiritual fitness that you can apply easily to see immediate improvements in your life.

A brand-new podcast dedicated to exploring the timeless texts of bhakti yoga.

A sister podcast devoted to the art and practice of Bhakti in everyday life, including stories, conversations, and practical steps to practice bhakti.

Spiritual Fitness

Bhakti Circle

Mantra Music

Participants from several companies join the Spiritual Fitness program to learn how Bhakti Wisdom can be applied in every day work life.

A weekly interactive meetup to develop spiritual friendship and harmonize body, mind and spirit.

Experience how mantra and music calms and nourishes the heart and mind.

Women’s Circle

A special women’s’ program to discuss timeless wisdom literatures and how to apply in everyday life.

Monthly Donation & Sign-up

1st Month Free Exploration

Donation Starts from 2nd Month

The Bhakti Community is a volunteer led, non-profit community that is focused on inspiring everyone to take up spiritual practices and achieve unlimited happiness. As soon as you sign-up, you can immediately take advantage of the spiritual courses that are more than $1,000 in value. In addition, we are constantly adding more courses. We don’t take any profit from this website or any of the content we create for you. However, because there are many costs involved in maintaining the digital infrastructure, we kindly ask for a donation when you join!

The suggested donation is $20 per month but a donation of any size is sufficient to complete the sign-up. If you can donate more, we greatly appreciate it. If you can’t donate right now, don’t sweat it. Please join us anyway by selecting ‘Without Donation’ option, and if you benefit from the content we create, please remember us and donate to support us whenever you can! You will be issued a U.S. donation tax receipt.

The Bhakti Community live programs and wisdom courses are delivered through private Facebook group known as ‘Bhakti Community‘. After you subscribe, please go to Facebook and request to join the ‘Bhakti Community‘ group to access all the content.

Without Donations
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Without Donations
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